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MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein

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Key Ingredients
  • Protein, EAA, BCAAs, and Glutamic Acid

How to Use
  • Mix 1 serving scoop (34g) of Micellar casein powder in water (180-200ml) in a shaker. Shake it for 15-30 seconds. Your delicious shake is ready.
How to Consume?

Consuming this shake during meal gaps feeds the body with essential amino acids, even after the fast-digesting proteins in the last meal have been exhausted.

Take this slow-digesting Micellar Casein prior to sleep to supply an adequate amount of protein to muscles and inhibit muscle wastage during sleep.

    MICELLAR CASEIN - Healthfarm
    MICELLAR CASEIN - Healthfarm
    MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein
    MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein
    MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein
    MICELLAR CASEIN - Healthfarm

    Are you familiar with the great benefits of micellar casein? If you are a bodybuilder or athlete you must have heard the term micellar casein but very few of you literally know casein is what actually you must include in your diet. Casein is derived from milk which plays a vital role to turn your muscles big and powerful. It feeds your muscles the whole night and helps in overall muscle growth. You can take micellar cases during the day in between meals to cater to the need for essential amino acids in your body and you have to take them before bed to feed your muscles throughout the night to get bigger muscles. The prime reason is when you sleep at night, your body releases a human growth hormone that is actually responsible for the muscles to grow at a faster rate. That’s why micellar casein is a foremost choice of a sports person. This casein protein powder for weight loss comes in chocolate dutch flavor. Gluten-free, sugar-free authentic, no unethical mixing pre-workout post-work supplement is slow to digest. It helps in the fat-burning process too. Designed for every adult, this supplement is easy to prepare in a shaker, blender, or in a glass. Just take 180-250 ml water and put 1 scoop of best-tasting casein protein powder in it, shake it to mix well and a delicious mouthwatering drink is ready to serve your muscles. So, next time no unhealthy late-night snack, only chocolaty micellar casein shake.

    Product Details


    Micellar casein is a slow digestive protein derived from milk. Both whey and casein come from milk but whey is 20% of total protein and casein is the remaining part (80% curd). Muscle repairing and muscle growth are all-day/night processes that’s where micellar casein works.Casein helps you out there to support your muscles the whole night and the repairing process continuously happens till morning.

    Scoop size-34g serves 24g protein containing zero amount of sugar serves your muscles best by providing a steady flow of amino acids. It assists in building lean muscle mass. Your body releases human growth hormone during sleep and taking micellar casein at night before sleep gives wonderous results.

    It is vital to take help from supplements to turn your dream of getting big and strong muscles. Muscle repairing, instant recovery, and muscle maintenance is the major task of protein supplement but the reason why micellar casein is popular is because it works 24 hours. The uniqueness of this supplement is to supply protein over multiple hours after a workout. It assists in muscle mass and fast muscle growth.

    Casein has calcium, phosphate, and hydroxide that strengthen tooth enamel against acid erosion and damage. It assists to improve your dental health by preventing teeth from tooth decaying bacteria and cavities.


    Muscle Growth and Recovery: Packed with a generous 24g of protein per serving, MICELLAR CASEIN provides your muscles with the necessary building blocks for growth and repair. The slow-release nature of casein protein ensures a steady supply of amino acids, promoting optimal muscle recovery and preventing muscle breakdown.

    BCAA Powerhouse: With an impressive 4.46g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving, MICELLAR CASEIN supports muscle protein synthesis, boosts endurance, and reduces muscle soreness. BCAAs play a crucial role in muscle development and are essential for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

    Ample Servings: Each MICELLAR CASEIN container offers a generous 29 servings, allowing for prolonged usage and ensuring you have a consistent supply of high-quality protein to support your fitness goals.

    Gluten-Free: For individuals with gluten sensitivities or dietary preferences, MICELLAR CASEIN is a reliable choice. This protein powder is carefully crafted to be gluten-free, providing peace of mind and ensuring compatibility with various dietary needs.

    Zero Sugar

    We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. That's why MICELLAR CASEIN is formulated with no added sugar, allowing you to enjoy a guilt-free protein supplement that aligns with your nutritional goals.

    • It high-quality casein protein is designed to fuel your muscles and support your fitness journey like never before. Micellar Casein is a slow-digesting protein that provides a sustained release of amino acids to your muscles over an extended period. This unique property makes it an ideal choice for those seeking continuous muscle growth and recovery.

    • Each serving is meticulously crafted with premium micellar casein, sourced from trusted suppliers and subjected to rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. You can trust that you're consuming a top-notch product that prioritizes your muscle recovery needs.

    • Micellar Casein acts as a protective shield against muscle damage during high-intensity exercise. It supplies the necessary amino acids for muscle repair and reduces the risk of exercise-induced damage, allowing you to push your limits while minimizing the negative impact on your muscles.


    Is micellar casein lactose-free?

    Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Micellar casein is taken from milk so it contains less amount of lactose component, but, our HEALTHFARM’s MICELLAR CASEIN pure micellar casein is sugar-free and gluten-free pre-workout and posts workout supplement supports to get big muscles, burn fat and manage body weight.

    Is micellar casein bad for you?

    No, It is safe to consume for every adult.

    What does micellar casein do for you?

    A prime role of the micellar casein is to feed amino acids to your muscles over the course of many hours. It provides wondrous results if you take it at night before bed because it is when your body releases human growth hormone and if you drink at night just prior to sleep, you are able to get double results in the form of healthy and bigger muscles.