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MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein

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Key Ingredients
  • Protein, EAA, BCAAs, and Glutamic Acid

How to Use
  • Mix 1 serving scoop (34g) of Micellar casein powder in water (180-200ml) in a shaker. Shake it for 15-30 seconds. Your delicious shake is ready.
Key specifications
  • GET 100% MICELLAR CASEIN Micellar casein is a slow digestive protein derived from milk. Both whey and casein come from milk but whey is 20% of total protein and casein is the remaining part (80% curd). Muscle repairing and muscle growth are all-day/night processes that’s where micellar casein works.Casein helps you out there to support your muscles the whole night and the repairing process continuously happens till morning.
  • FAST MUSCLE GROWTH Scoop size-34g serves 24g protein containing zero amount of sugar serves your muscles best by providing a steady flow of amino acids. It assists in building lean muscle mass. Your body releases human growth hormone during sleep and taking micellar casein at night before sleep gives wonderous results.
  • GET BIGGER MUSCLES It is vital to take help from supplements to turn your dream of getting big and strong muscles. Muscle repairing, instant recovery, and muscle maintenance is the major task of protein supplement but the reason why micellar casein is popular is because it works 24 hours. The uniqueness of this supplement is to supply protein over multiple hours after a workout. It assists in muscle mass and fast muscle growth.
  • PERFECT DENTIST Casein has calcium, phosphate, and hydroxide that strengthen tooth enamel against acid erosion and damage. It assists to improve your dental health by preventing teeth from tooth decaying bacteria and cavities.
How to Consume?

Consuming this shake during meal gaps feeds the body with essential amino acids, even after the fast-digesting proteins in the last meal have been exhausted.

Take this slow-digesting Micellar Casein prior to sleep to supply an adequate amount of protein to muscles and inhibit muscle wastage during sleep.

    MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein
    MICELLAR CASEIN 1KG, Time Released Protein Casein Protein


    Is micellar casein lactose-free?

    Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Micellar casein is taken from milk so it contains less amount of lactose component, but, our HEALTHFARM’s MICELLAR CASEIN pure micellar casein is sugar-free and gluten-free pre-workout and posts workout supplement supports to get big muscles, burn fat and manage body weight.

    Is micellar casein bad for you?

    No, It is safe to consume for every adult.

    What does micellar casein do for you?

    A prime role of the micellar casein is to feed amino acids to your muscles over the course of many hours. It provides wondrous results if you take it at night before bed because it is when your body releases human growth hormone and if you drink at night just prior to sleep, you are able to get double results in the form of healthy and bigger muscles.