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GPN (1KG) BRUTAL GAINER Best Mass/Weight Gainer

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Key Ingredients
  • 16g Whey, 1g creatine, 6mcg Biotin, 5mg Niacin with added Vitamins (Vitamin C, E, B6, B2, B1, A, D, B12)

How to Use
  • Pour one serving scoop of brutal gainer power into the water. Shake well to mix well. Enjoy every sip.
Key specifications
  • GET FIT BODY & IDEAL WEIGHT GPN Brutal gainer helps to gain sturdy and big muscles. 1 serving delivers 559 Calories and 24g of protein helps to get big muscles and ideal weight. This hard gainer bulk phase formula is a perfect mass gainer supplement in India to fulfill your calorific requirements and help you to get a muscular body.
  • SPEEDY MUSCLE RECOVERY Crafted with a motto to provide ideal weight along with tremendous benefits such as instant muscle recovery, prevent muscle cramps, and eliminating muscle tiredness. After a tiring and hectic workout, drink a delicious brutal gainer, and this mass gainer supplement will start repairing your torn muscle tissue rapidly.
  • HEART FRIENDLY Loaded with multivitamins (Vitamin C, E, B6, B2, B1, A, D, B12), BRUTAL Mass Gainer acts as a disease fighter to preserve your heart from numerous cardiovascular diseases including heart failure, heart attack, heart valve complications, heart muscle disease, etc.
  • ULTA-PURE VEGAN PRODUCT No soy, no artificial colors, no unethical mixing, high-quality ingredients, great in taste, 100 percent pure and vegan, enriched with essential vitamins, brutal gainers take care of your overall health system. Support in brain development, better nervous system, provide relief from stress, you will notice cheerful changes in your mood as well as in life.
  • EASY DIGESTIBILITY, CHEMICAL-FREE, SUPER IN TASTE Available in supreme chocolaty flavor and Kesar Pista, the product is ideal for men and women, selling at an economical price. Easy-to-prepare, easy-to-digest, and easy to consume, the product has no artificial mixing, no sugar, no chemicals, zero fat aids in attaining true fitness goals.
  • Provide strong bones and lean body
  • Instant muscle recovery
  • Preservation from heart diseases
  • Frame muscle mass
  • Extending workout timings.
  • Uplifting immunity system.
  • Aids long, strong, and thick hair.
  • Enhance skin texture.
  • Support brain development.
    GPN (1KG) BRUTAL GAINER Best Mass/Weight Gainer
    GPN (1KG) BRUTAL GAINER Best Mass/Weight Gainer
    GPN (1KG) BRUTAL GAINER Best Mass/Weight Gainer