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HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein

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Key Ingredients
  • Milk Solids (Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Concentrate) (79.90%), Creatine Monohydrate(6.6%), Maltodextrin(8.6%), Tribasic Calcium Phosphate, Nuggets, Stabilizing Agent (INS 414, INS 415 & INS 466), Sweetening Agent (INS 955), Anticaking Agent (INS 551), Sodium Chloride and Vitamins^ Allergen advice: Contains Milk

How to Use
  • Take 200-250ml of chilled water, milk, or juice. Add 1 scoop (45g) of Nitro Fusion whey isolate protein powder into it. Stir in a good way. Drink it.
Key specifications
  • SPEEDY RECOVERY, BETTER PERFORMANCE 1 serving scoop of 45g delivers 30.60 proteins, 3g creatine, 3.1g leucine, 5.2 glutamine, 6.6g BCAAs, 14.4g EAAs with added multivitamins is great to strengthen your muscles. A pure vegetarian supplement formulated with CREATINE assists in enhancing muscle development, speedy muscle growth, quick muscle recovery, and encouraging muscle cells to produce more energy. More energy means better athletic performance. BCAAs prevent muscle breakdown and also reduce the risk of liver disease.
  • MUSCLE REGENERATION SUPPLEMENT With extra added 3.1g Leucine, Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein is a powerful nutritional supplement to regenerate muscles. More Leucine means more muscle formation. Achieve higher physical performance, assist in fat reduction, helps to stabilize blood sugar, this muscle synthesis diet is a great protein nutritive meal for every athlete.
  • CREATINE EMPHASIS HIGHLY RICHED PROTEIN DIET Packed with 30g protein delivered from Whey Isolate Protein consists of a major portion of pure proteins efficiently to cater essential amino acids in your body. Protein with added EAAs (Essential Amino Acid) is super fast to do muscle recovery and efficient to eliminate muscle soreness after a workout. This essential fast-acting protein supplement is essential for every athlete or fitness enthusiast.
  • CHOCOLATY & CREAMY Calm your cravings with delicious rich Chocolaty and Creamy, Nitro Fusion Whey Isolates Protein powder comes in two lip-smacking flavors-Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Infinity. Put a 1 scoop of Whey Isolate Protein in the water, mix well, drink, and enjoy.
How to Consume?

● It is suggested to take Nitro Fusion whey isolate protein after exercise to get instant recovery and building muscle mass.
● You can also consume whey isolate protein during your regular meals.

    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein
    HF Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein


    What is Whey Isolate Protein powder?

    Whey protein is extracted from milk. Whey Isolate Protein is the highest quality protein powder used by fitness enthusiasts as a workout supplement to get instant recovery, building muscle mass, gaining strength, boosting energy, and reducing fat.

    Is whey protein isolate good for weight loss?

    Yes, Whey protein isolates assist to encourage your protein intake. It cuts all unhealthy cravings and makes you feel full for a long time. When you consume -whey isolate protein every day and invest time in the workout or gym, it helps to reduce your weight rapidly.

    When should I drink Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein?

    It is good to take Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein after a hectic workout or exercise to gain muscle mass, instant muscle recovery and eliminate muscle soreness. You can also consume creamy chocolaty drinks during meals or before bed for serving strength to muscles.