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HealthFarm Pure L-Arginine Amino Acid, Unflavoured (100g)

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Key Ingredients
  • L-Arginine

Key specifications
  • PERFORMANCE POWER BOOSTER 100% pure pre-workout & post-workout power booster L-Arginine serves 5000mg Arginine in 1 serving scoop (5g)which helps to uplift the nitric oxide level competent to earn lively blood flow in the veins results build muscle tissues to increase body strength and get maximize workout results.
  • MUSCLE BUILDER SUPPLEMENT L-Arginine retains nitrogen in a body required to upgrade protein synthesis that helps in curbing fat stored underneath muscles and assist you to get lean muscle mass. This l-arginine supplement promotes fast metabolism, releases muscle growth hormone, and signals muscle cells. Arginine fulfills the need for the essential amino acids in your body. It enhances muscle mass, body strength and eliminates muscle tiredness.
  • IMMUNITY BUILDER Stabilize your immunity system and provide an unbreakable shield to your body from numerous life-threatening chronic diseases. It also decreases the wound healing time and provides fast recovery for bones and skin.
  • FAT-CUTTER It increases overall body metabolism and promises healthy weight by curbing fat stored underneath the muscles. Convert fat into energy and regulate blood circulation.
  • Increase blood flow to muscles
  • More muscle gains
  • Delay onset workout fatigue
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance workout performance
  • Increase body strength
  • Quick recovery
     L-Arginine - Healthfarm
    HealthFarm Pure L-Arginine Amino Acid, Unflavoured (100g)
    HealthFarm Pure L-Arginine Amino Acid, Unflavoured (100g)
    HealthFarm Pure L-Arginine Amino Acid, Unflavoured (100g)
    L-Arginine - Healthfarm
    L-Arginine - Healthfarm


    What is L-arginine used for?

    L-arginine is an amino acid used to produce a chemical called nitric oxide that opens blood vessels wider and boosts the flawless supply of blood flow to the muscles that support building muscle tissues and assist in getting maximum workout output.

    Who should not take L-arginine?

    HEALTHFARM L arginine is a recommended supplement to every individual but if you are struggling with conditions like allergies, asthma, genital herpes, cold sores, contact your doctor or physician before direct consumption.

    Is L-arginine safe to take daily?

    Yes, It is entirely secure for consumption. An adult must consume 3000mg l arginine daily to produce nitric oxide in your body. When your body produces an optimum amount of nitric oxide in the body your muscles receive more blood which is essential to build muscle mass and get lean muscle.

    What is the best time to take L-arginine?

    HEALTHFARM L arginine is a pre-workout and post-workout supplement. Take 30 minutes prior to exercise for more muscle pumps, better athletic performance, and get stronger. Take it as a post-workout supplement for fast muscle recovery, reduce workout tiredness and muscle soreness.

    Is creatine a steroid?

    No, creatine is not a steroid. The body produces 1 to 2g of creatine every day naturally. It is already found in the muscles. If you want to build more muscles, instant muscle recovery, and increase body stamina, you need to take at least 3-5 gm creatine every day to achieve true fitness goals.