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GPN (2KG) BRUTAL WHEY Protein Best post workout supplement (BOGO)

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Key Ingredients
  • 24g Whey, 2.90mg Niacin, 5.76mcg Biotin with Multivitamins (Vitamin-A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, and D)

Key specifications
  • ULTRA-PURE FAST-ACTING PROTEIN 24g protein in 1 serving scoop is the complete source of energy after a hard workout. Best to give prompt recovery after a long tiring sports activity, this post-workout supplement contains enough Essential amino acids and BCAA every athlete needs to build muscle mass, increase muscle size, lean muscle body, and healthy mind.
  • HEALTHY BODY & HEALTHY MIND Added essential multivitamins fill the gap of deficiency in your body. A bundle of (Vitamin-A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, and D) elevate your mood, reduce stress level, nourish skin, enhance eyesight, maintain strong hair roots, better nervous system and maintain sugar level.
  • VEGAN UNADULTERATED POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT Packed with essential amino acids, multivitamins, and relevant protein, this post-workout drink contains no unnatural or unethical content. 100 pure vegetarian nutritive supplement is soy-free, dairy-free. Sugarless, fatless, and chemical-less, BRUTAL WHEY protein supplements become the dominant post-workout supplement over top of other post-workouts available in the market.
  • AFFORDABLE IN RANGE & YUMMIER IN TASTE Consisting of abundant health benefits, Brutal whey is considered the best rival food for life-threatening diseases. Available at an economical rate, everyone can buy and its super sweaty flavors-Chocolate, cookies & cream could be your favorite ones!
  • Building muscle mass
  • Instant muscle recovery
  • Get relief from muscle tiredness.
  • Increase immunity system
  • Strengthen internal organs
  • Improve brain functions
  • Healthy & smooth skin
    GPN (2KG) BRUTAL WHEY Protein Best post workout supplement (BOGO) - Healthfarm Nutrition


    What is Brutal whey protein?

    HEALTHFARM GPN Brutal whey protein is the post-workout supplement introduced for athletes or bodybuilders to repair muscles, build muscle mass, remove muscle tiredness and increase sports performance.

    What is the best time to take BRUTAL whey protein?

    You can consume BRUTAL whey protein in the morning, during the day, or before night. The recommended best time to take Brutal whey protein is right after the workout as it is the best pre-workout supplement in India to get instant recovery and build muscle mass.

    Is it healthy to drink brutal whey protein every day?

    Yes, 1 scoop serves 24g protein, 2.90mg Niacin, 5.76mcg Biotin along with Multivitamins (Vitamin-A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, and D that is best to give complete nourishment to your body.

    Who should not take whey?

    Whey protein could be ineffective for people with milk allergies. If you are struggling with kidney risk or kidney-related disorder, it is good to consult with your doctor first before consuming protein powder.

    Is it safe to take Brutal whey protein powder while pregnant?

    Whey protein powder is a natural protein powder derived from milk. Our Brutal whey protein is unethical, vegan, chemical-free, and has no artificial color mixing. But, if you have some little uneasiness with dairy products, it is good to skip whey protein powder while pregnant.