Wizard of health supplements Riding sports nutrition bandwagon

Wizard of health supplements Riding sports nutrition bandwagon

Boosted by our current age's fitness craze cutting across all income groups, a new star is rising on the global health­and sports nutrition biz horizon. The Jalandhar-based (Punjab) and aptly named Healthfarm group, founded by visionary first generation entrepreneur Anil Bhaskar has emerged as the leading bodybuilding and sports nutri­tion entity with its all-you-can-think-of range of nutritional supplements, organic herbs, multi-vitamins, Ayurvedic Medicines.

The group aims at providing high-quality food supplements to athletes and bodybuilders, not to mention the overall group of active people. Here's a sampling - protein powders, mass gainers/weight gainers, multi-vitamins, men wellness products, tab­lets, energy drinks, fat burners, meal replacements and im­munity builders. And all these at very purse-friendly prices! During the last decade, Healthfarm has emerged as the top most sports nutrition brand in India.

Healthfarm takes no chances with its sourcing, and its raw materials are imported from the US. Its supplements are fully lab-tested, free from preservatives, artificial sweet­eners and colours, and allergens. All its products adhere to FSSAI norms and guidelines. Besides, every product undergoes several strict quality checks before being put out in the market. These tests are carried out at every step of the manufacturing process in keeping with Healthfarm's mantra of providing the best possible nutritional supple­ments to its patrons.

Listen to the man who started it all. Says Chairman and Managing Director Anil Bhaskar, the force behind the con­ception, growth and expansion of this nutraceuticals and Ayurveda conglomerate, "At Healthfarm, we offer a wide range of dietary and nutritional supplements consisting of antioxidant formulas, multi-vitamins, minerals and herbs.

We firmly believe that everyone can achieve the best fitness physically and mentally, so we are serving mankind as a warrior by delivering ultra-premium supplements and fit­ness products to athletes, bodybuilders, active people and sports people. We are a family of highly skilled technical experts, manufacturers and packaging specialists from the Ayurvedic Medicines, bio-technology and food technology world.

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