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RAW EAA - Essential Amino Acids

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How to Use
  • Mix one scoop (10g) of Raw EAA with 250ml-300ml of cold water or your preferred beverage.
Key specifications
  • RAW EAA (Essential Amino Acids) are the fundamental elements of protein that are vital for muscle growth, repair, and recovery. Raw Nutrition's EAA supplement contains a comprehensive range of EAAs, including all nine essential amino acids, which are formulated in optimal ratios to enhance protein synthesis and promote effective muscle recovery.
  • Raw Nutrition's EAA supplement is not only effective but also a pleasant and refreshing inclusion to your training routine. Moreover, it is free from any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, which makes it a safe and healthy option for consumption. You can feel confident about using this product as it provides high-quality nutrition without any harmful additives.
  • Improve lean body mass
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Immune system support
  • Muscle protein synthesis
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved nutrient absorption
    RAW EAA - Pine Apple
    RAW EAA - Kiwi Blueberry
    RAW EAA - Lemon Lime
    RAW EAA - Lemon Lime
    RAW EAA - Lemon Lime
    RAW EAA - Lemon Lime
    RAW EAA - Pine Apple


    What does RAW EAA do?

    These are a specific group of amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own and must be obtained through diet or supplementation. Raw EAA provides the necessary amino acids needed for protein synthesis, which supports muscle growth, repair, and maintenance. Additionally, EAAs are involved in various physiological processes and play a crucial role in overall health and well-being.

    When is the best time to take Raw EAA?

    The best time to take Raw EAA largely depends on your goals and personal preferences. However, consuming EAA either before, during, or after a workout is commonly recommended. This timing allows for the EAAs to be readily available to your muscles during exercise and aids in the recovery process. Some individuals also find it beneficial to take EAA in the morning or before bed to support muscle protein synthesis during extended periods of fasting, such as overnight.

    What does Raw EAA do for muscle?

    Essential amino acids (EAAs) play a vital role in muscle growth and repair. They provide the necessary building blocks for protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle protein development. EAAs also support muscle recovery, reduce muscle breakdown, and enhance muscle protein balance, ultimately promoting muscle growth and maintenance.