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Healthfarm Nutrition

HealthFarm Power Carbs Instant Energy Formula

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Key specifications
  • A KING OF ENERGY Power carbs, instant energy formula boost your energy level instantly. Contains zero sugar, zero fat, this lump-free shake is a superior carb drink to your regular energy drink.
  • PERFORMANCE BOOSTER DRINK An energetic body is more focused and attentive. HEALTHFARM POWER CARBS drink is a powerful fuel for your overall body that builds a feeling of wakefulness, alertness, and activeness.
  • FAST DIGESTION Aids in healthy digestion helps your stomach feels full for a longer time. Carbohydrate supports healthy fast digestion and reduces bloating that occurs from poor digestion.
  • BETTER SLEEP Rich in carbohydrates, power carbs increase insulin levels in your body which ensures peaceful sleep. Gets sound sleep with a relaxable mood daily if taking this delicious power carbs energy formula.
  • Unflavored
  • Sugar-free
  • Energy Booster Drink
  • Rich in carbohydrates
    HealthFarm Power Carbs Instant Energy Formula


    What is the best time to use this product?

    HEALTHFARM POWER CARBS is an instant energy drink people can take at any time.

    Can I consume Power Carbs energy drink during pregnancy?

    Power Carbs are the best energy drink recommended to men and women. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor or physician before taking direct consumption.

    Can I take Power Carbs with juice?

    Definitely! Mix this instant energy drink powder in your favorite juice, shake well and drink