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Key Ingredients
  • 25G Whey Protein

How to Use
  • Mix one scoop (32g) of the powder with 180-240 ml of water or milk in a shaker or blender. Athlete person can take 2 servings per day. We recommend 1 scoop post workout and 1 during the day.
Key specifications
  • CBUM Itholate Protein is a protein supplement that has been formulated and flavored by Chris Bumstead himself to help you achieve your post-workout goals. This product is made from 100% micro-filtered whey isolate, which provides 25g of high-quality protein per scoop to support maximum muscle growth and recovery.
  • Promotes Muscle Growth and Repair
  • Helps with Weight Management
  • Supports Immune Function
  • Enhances Athletic Performance

    CBUM Itholate Protein - Cookies and Cream
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Coffee
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Nutritional Information
    CBUM itholate Protein - HealthFarm
    CBUM Itholate Protein - HealthFarm
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Nutritional Information
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Coffee
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Healthfarm
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Healthfarm
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Chocolate
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Chocolate
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Cookies and Cream
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Chocolate
    CBUM Itholate Protein - Coffee

    This premium protein powder is designed to support your muscle-building goals and enhance your overall well-being. Crafted with meticulous care, Itholate Protein offers unparalleled quality and benefits to fuel your body and optimize your performance. Itholate Protein is a testament to exceptional quality. Each scoop of this protein powder is carefully formulated to provide you with the highest-grade protein available. We prioritize excellence to ensure that every serving delivers the essential building blocks your muscles need for growth and repair. With Itholate Protein, you can unlock your true potential and achieve remarkable results in your fitness journey. When it comes to nourishing your body, Itholate Protein leaves no room for compromise. Packed with essential nutrients, this protein powder provides your body with the fuel it needs to thrive. By incorporating Itholate Protein into your daily routine, you can replenish your energy levels, support muscle recovery, and promote overall well-being. Embrace a vibrant and healthy lifestyle that allows you to conquer your goals with confidence.

    Product Details

    Key Specifications

    Protein supplementation plays a crucial role in supporting muscle growth and recovery after intense workouts. To help you achieve your fitness aspirations, Chris Bumstead, a renowned bodybuilder, has formulated and flavored CBUM Itholate Protein—a protein supplement designed to provide maximum benefits. This unique product is made from 100% micro-filtered whey isolate, delivering 25g of high-quality protein per scoop.

    • Premium Protein Blend: Itholate Protein is formulated with a carefully crafted blend of high-quality proteins, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization.

    • Superior Amino Acid Profile: Benefit from a balanced source of essential amino acids that support muscle growth, repair, and overall performance.

    • Low Fat and Carbohydrate Content: With minimal fat and carbohydrates per serving, Itholate Protein provides pure protein powder without unnecessary fillers.

    • Versatile Usage: Whether it's a pre-workout shake, post-workout recovery, or a protein-packed snack, Itholate Protein fits seamlessly into your fitness routine.

    The Power of Micro-Filtered Whey Isolate

    Micro-filtered whey isolate sets CBUM Itholate Protein apart from other protein supplements on the market. This filtration process ensures that the whey isolate contains minimal lactose, fat, and carbohydrates, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a lean protein source. Additionally, micro-filtered whey isolate is rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing for quick delivery of amino acids to the muscles.

    High-Quality Protein for Maximum Muscle Growth

    When it comes to protein supplementation, quality matters. CBUM Itholate Protein provides 25g of high-quality protein per scoop, ensuring you fuel your muscles with the nutrients they need for optimal growth. This protein supplement contains all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle repair and recovery. By using CBUM Itholate Protein, you can maximize your muscle gains and achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

    Versatility and Convenience of CBUM Itholate Protein

    • CBUM Itholate Protein offers versatility in its usage, making it suitable for various dietary preferences and lifestyles. Whether you prefer mixing it with water, milk, or incorporating it into recipes like protein pancakes or smoothies, this protein supplement adapts to your preferences. Furthermore, CBUM Itholate Protein comes in delicious flavors, making it a tasty treat after an intense workout.

    • Don't just take our word for it. Many individuals have already experienced the benefits of CBUM Itholate Protein. Customers have reported accelerated muscle growth, improved recovery, and enhanced performance after incorporating this protein supplement into their fitness routines. Their success stories serve as a testament to the effectiveness of CBUM Itholate Protein in supporting post-workout goals.

    • Post-workout recovery is a critical aspect of any training program. CBUM Itholate Protein plays a crucial role in aiding this recovery process. By consuming protein shortly after exercise, you can help reduce muscle soreness, replenish glycogen stores, and promote muscle tissue repair. CBUM Itholate Protein's fast-acting formula ensures that your muscles receive the necessary nutrients promptly, supporting a quicker recovery time.


    How should I consume CBUM Itholate Protein?

    CBUM Itholate Protein can be mixed with water or your choice of liquid. Take one scoop post-workout or as recommended by your fitness professional.

    Does CBUM Itholate Protein contain any artificial additives?

    No, CBUM Itholate Protein is formulated without artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It provides a clean protein source.