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HealthFarm TrueGain Protein Powder for Weight Gain



  • 18g Protein, 3.93g BCAA, 3 g Glutamine, EAAs 8.52
  • Easy Digestion, Super Yummy Flavors
  • Zero Sugar
  • Assist in Muscle Growth & Recovery

HF Series Pure Gain Mass Gainer/Weight Gainer


Key Feature:

  • 48g PROTEIN
  • 100% WHEY

HealthFarm HYDRO GAIN High-quality Mass Gainer



  • Whey Protein isolate with hydro filtration as the primary ingredient.
  • 84g* Protein, 18g* BCAA, 15g* Glutamine, 136g Carbs
  • 8.46 grams of Leucine and zero grams of lactose
  • Stabilizers and a mineral plus vitamin blend.
  • Zero percent sugars

Weight Gainer
A weight gainer is a popular nutritional health supplement that provides carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to serve an adequate quantity of calories. These powder supplements are a rich source of carbs and proteins. If you are aspiring for high strength and achieving muscle volume, a mass gainer will be an ideal choice to give you a bulky look along with complete protein. The vision behind manufacturing weight gainer supplements is to cater to the need for protein, calories, and other nutrition in your body. This is an ideal post-workout meal that helps the muscle to recover at a faster rate. It revives the energy of your body. This rich dietary fiber food consisting of digestive enzymes promotes healthy digestion.
Types of Gainers:

There are two types of gainers-
1. Weight gainer
2. Mass gainer

People are often confused between these two gainers. Weight gainers are commonly known as mass gainers too. Both are effective to add mass to your muscles, still, there’s a noticeable difference between Weight Gainer and mass gainer. It all depends upon the person’s need and purpose behind taking supplements. Let’s read below for more clear understanding:

Difference between Weight gainer and a Mass gainer

Difference Weight GainerMass Gainer
Motive The primary motive of the weight gainer is to help the consumer to gain desired weight. The primary motive of the mass gainer is to earn more muscle mass.
Ingredients Carbohydrates and calories density is high as compared to mass gainer, but the amount of protein is quite less. Mass gainers contain more calories, more carbs, and a higher volume of protein and fat.
Protein The amount of protein is quite less when compared to carbs. Contains a high volume of protein in mass gainers.
Fiber Fiber is a little less.High fiber.
Which is better?
A weight gainer is an ideal choice for hard gainers. It needs only mild exercise to get effective results.Mass gainers are the perfect supplement for weightlifters, bodybuilders, or for all who are involved in the high-intense exercise. It boosts overall exercising abilities by increasing strength, stamina, power, and energy.

Benefits of Weight Gainers

Why weight gainers are best to gain weight? Weight Gainers or mass gainers supplements are well-liked by athletes or weightlifters to gain mass and make big muscles. They consist of high protein content, and carbohydrates add volume to your body and give you a bulky look. The below benefits of weight gainers amaze you how they are efficient to add volume to your body and help to fulfill complete fitness goals:

A source of high calories: Weight gainers are the top trendy weight gain supplement to increase the daily calorie intake of the person. Weight gainers deliver 500-900 calories on each serving along with protein and carbohydrates. Muscle mass gainer powder builds muscle mass, delay muscle tiredness, prevent muscle cramps and speedy muscle recovery. Recommended to men and women, this best weight gainer energy booster drink provides proper nutrition and enhances your workout timings.

Get bulky appearance: Providing bulkiness to your body and increase muscle volume is the ultimate vision of the weight gainers. An average adult needs more than 2500 calories daily to get a bulky look. Catering to a need for calories daily can be tricky sometimes due to a busy working schedule. People are so busy they don’t get time to follow strict dieting schedules which is able to give proper nutrition, minerals, fat, and carbs, therefore supplements are trending among fitness enthusiasts. By investing a little, these supplements efficiently fulfill all the major nutritional needs of the body. Taking mass gainer with daily meal enough to get you desired weight.

Perfect post-workout supplement: It is scientifically proven that the blend of protein with carbohydrates is a perfect supplement to get instant recovery after a workout and build muscle mass. For an instance: Our HF Series Pure Gain Mass Gainer’s consists of 100% whey protein, 213g carbs, 10.47g BCAA’s, 21g Fat, high calories with added vitamins and minerals help them to get lean muscle mass, build muscles, eliminate muscle soreness, and aids in speedy recovery. It also provides prevention from muscle cramps.

Rich in Fibers
Every fitness enthusiast trying to build muscles requires a good intake of fibers. The primary function of the fibers is to flush out the irrelevant toxins from the body. It helps to run the digestive system properly. It reduces bloating and promotes a healthy gut.

Good source of multivitamins
Weight gainers are an excellent source of carbohydrate that supplies strength and energy to your body. Vitamins and minerals are vital needs of the human body to live a healthy lifestyle. Weight gainers powder is a rich source of multivitamins, consisting of Vitamin C, E, B6, B2, B1, A, D, and essential minerals that is why best weight gainer in india for skinny guys. Decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease includes heart failure, heart attack, heart valve complications, heart muscle disease, and several strokes. Best to cut down stress from your lifestyle and keep you cheerful throughout the day.

How to take weight gainers?
It is good to consume Weight Gainer supplements with water. You can also add it with shakes, milk, pancakes, muffins, or recipes of your choice. Want big muscles? Take gainers as a post-workout supplement. Weight gainer gives you a free choice for the consumption, take it any time a day as your mid-day snack, breakfast meal, or late-night snack. It could be good if you check the label of the product before consuming the product directly to get the right directions for consumption.

Why Buy Weight Gainers from Healthfarm?
Healthfarm delivers a wide range of ultra-premium nutritional Weight Gainer supplements serving an adequate amount of calories and protein content in your body. Containing a rich source of multivitamins helps to fulfill several deficiencies of the body. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or active fitness enthusiast, our weight gainers help everyone. For example, Our TrueGain Protein Powder supplement is specifically designed for beginners. It serves 657.05 kcal calories, 18g Protein, 3.93g BCAAs, 3g Glutamine, and EAAs 8.52 supplies relevant calories, protein, and essential vitamins to build muscles and gain weight.

On the other hand, Healthfarm’s HF Series Pure Gain contains 100% whey packed with 213g carbs, 10.47g BCAA’s, 21g fat with added Vitamins (Vitamin C, E, B6, B2, B1, A, D). This mass gainer supplement is available in many flavors: Yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter, Heaven Delight, Banana Twist, and Chocolate supreme flavors. It assists in muscle mass, delaying muscle fatigue, gives speedy muscle recovery, instant wound healing, rebuilding muscle tissues, and much more. From producing supplements to the deliverance of the product, we keep an eye on every little activity associated with the product so that our customers gain maximum benefits and are satisfied with the service.

Are there any side effects of Weight Gainers?

Are there any side effects of Weight Gainer? Is it safe for consumption? These doubts stucks in your mind? Do not worry! These doubting thoughts are common, and that should be on our mind because our health is majorly important and we should verify every little thing before investing in health products or supplements.

Healthfarm’s weight gainer supplements are entirely safe for consumption. There is no unethical mixing, and ingredients are purely clean. But, yes, It is advisable to consult with your doctor first before the direct consumption of weight gainers if you have digestion issues, kidney or liver disorders. Also, pregnant women contact the doctor before consuming the weight gainers or any other supplements.

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