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ZMA SPORTS TAB, Boost Immunity, Muscle Growth, Fast Recovery

  • ‘Magnesium Plus Sulphate’ -KING OF MUSCLE RECOVERY
  • Immunity Booster Tabs
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Perfect Fitness Supplements for Adults

HealthFarm Vitamin C Plant Based Wellness Formula


Key Features: 

  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Immunity Booster
  • Skin Care

Product Highlight:

  • Contains 60N Veg Capsules
  • Does not contain any preservative or artificial flavoring.

HealthFarm AlphaMen Multivitamin for Men’s Health (60Tab)


Key Features

  • Supports Men’s overall Health.
  • Acts as an Immunity Booster.
  • Empowers Brain and Eye health.
  • Maintains Energy level throughout the day.
  • Fuels Muscle Performance.

HF Series AM PM Multivitamin Tablets (60 TAB)



  • Supports growth hormone release
  • Multivitamin PM Nightly Formula ensures proper relaxation and sleep
  • Make your Hard work count
  • A Performance blend of Amino Acids to Support your Muscle Building and Recovery Goals.

What are Multi-Vitamins?
Multivitamins are the blend of all vitamins and minerals used to fill the nutritional gap in your body. Your body may lack several vitamins due to poor diet, pregnancy, or illness, hence, you have to cater it from multivitamin supplements. These multivitamins ensure your body will get proper nutrition and you can enjoy a disease-free lifestyle.

What are the ingredients of Multivitamins?
Multivitamins are supplements consisting of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. There are no standard multivitamins ingredients. Commonly, multivitamins supplements include below compounds effective to give you enough energy and refill the nutritional gap in your body:



Vitamin A


Vitamin B1


Vitamin C

Folic Acid 

Vitamin D


Vitamin E


Vitamin K


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B3


Vitamin B2


What are the common signs of a vitamin deficiency?

You need to add multivitamins to your daily diet if you’re experiencing these body symptoms:

1. Body fatigue, bone pain, upset mood, Poor appetite, Weakness, Nausea – Lack of Vitamin D deficiency
2. Tingling fingers, abnormal heart rhythm, brittle nails, muscle spasms, confusion or memory loss- Lack of Calcium deficiency
3. Muscles weakness, cramp, twitch, Kidney problems, Abdominal cramping, bloating-Potassium deficiency
4. Breath shortage, cold hands, and feet, inflammation or soreness of your tongue, chest pain-Iron deficiency
5. Diarrhea, loss of appetite, or gas, walking, vision loss-Vitamin B12
Nausea, asthma, high blood pressure, mental health disorders-Magnesium deficiency.

There are multiple other signs which show you are in highly indeed of multivitamins includes weight loss, dizziness, yellowish skin, hair fall, scaly patches, restless leg, mouth ulcers, and others, hence, multivitamins come with multi-benefits to serve your body well. Take it if you want smartness in every area of your life. It promises a high nutritious life to everyone.

What are the benefits of Multivitamins?
Check out what amazing benefits you will get if you take Multivitamins daily:

Boost the energy level of your body
Feel uneasy or tired to perform your daily task? It means you need multivitamins! Vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12, B5, and essential minerals are great sources of energy. Vitamin B12 is vital to form red blood cells which transport oxygen in your blood and supplies throughout your body. When oxygen arrives in your cells, it is used for energy production.

Maintain strong immunity
Multivitamin supplements consisting of vitamin C, vitamin D, and Vitamin E are best to boost the immunity level of your body. It is the perfect solution to get quick wound healing. Antioxidants contained in Vitamin C and vitamin E helps to diminish allergy symptoms.

Promise healthy heart
Taking care of your heart should be your priority because it is the most vital organ of your body and keeping it healthy is your duty. Vitamins include Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and magnesium to serve your heart greatly and prevent it from numerous cardiovascular diseases (Abnormal heart rhythms, heart failure, heart muscle disease, etc.)

Better vision and eye health
Vitamin A is responsible for better eye vision. Zinc takes care of the health of the retina and protein structure of the eye. Zinc helps vitamin A to transport from the liver to the retina and produce melanin and Pelanine further providing prevention from ultraviolet light. Experiencing eye infection, blurry eyes, dryness in the eyes, or night blindness, you can try multivitamins! Multivitamins are not here to work as a doctor to treat your major illness but yes, they provide the prevention from numerous nutritional shortages that occur in your body.

Reduce stress & anxiety
Vitamins and minerals are great to reduce mental stress and depression. Vitamin B helps the nervous system of your body to produce stress hormones to minimize stress levels.

Good for your skin
Multivitamins are a healthy feed for your skin. It promises healthy and shiny skin by delivering essential vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin E. These supplements work magically to retain the natural oil inside your skin and provide eradication from skin dryness.

Get healthy hair
Vitamin B (Biotin) is one of the best vitamins which takes care of your hair and prevents hair fall. It provides healthy hair growth and strengthens hair roots.

The above are the essential advantages of multivitamins you can’t ignore at any cost to live a fit life. You may get several multivitamins from the market too, however, our HF Series AM PM Multivitamin Tablets-Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Amino (30 tablets) ALL IN ONE MULTI-VITAMIN FORMULA consists of vitamin A, D, C, E, and B along with minerals magnesium, zinc, copper, Flaxseed powder, caffeine anhydrous strengthen the immunity system, boost energy, provide good mood, Fights stress, Restore memory and promise sound sleep. Affordable, Gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, sugar-free, and nut-free multivitamin AM PM Multivitamin supplement serves you great!

How to use multivitamins?
Generally, most multivitamin supplements you need to take once a day or twice. Make sure to follow the user instructions stated on the product label. Take the recommended dosage of the product. Either you can take it with water or a glass of milk that is entirely up to the supplement you are taking.

Are Multivitamins safe for consumption?
Yes, Multivitamins ensure good health, so no need to be anxious while consuming the product. But, yes, it is always recommended to take the product from certified trusted brands like HealthFarm to get multiple pros. Plus, we guide people to get suggestions from their doctor or healthcare professional before taking any supplements directly.


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